About Us
Chapter Mission Statement

The Mission of Tipacon Charter Chapter of the American Business Women's Association is to set forth the direction of the National Association, upholding its mission and objectives, the by-laws, standing rules and policies of the chapter, by actively participating to foster the strength of its members, grow in numbers and develop sound positive attitudes.

Member of Eastern Michigan Council (EMC)


Our Beginnings

American Business Women's Association (ABWA) spans the nation as the world's most diverse professional organization for women.  Tens of thousands of members gather throughout the country.  United by a common goal-to support each other in professional development and career advancement.

Chartered October 7, 1953 in Pontiac, Michigan.  Tipacon is the second oldest chapter in the state.  The name Tipacon is derived from the word Pontiac.  In the 80's due to the composition of our membership and the strong business development in Auburn Hills, our base city was relocated to that area.

National Recognition

The national association has lauded our accomplishments in having three members serve on The National Board of Directors as District V Vice Presidents (Janice Turnbull, Karen Hall, and Rita Boyl-Feeley) and one member being elected to the Top Ten Business Women status.  Tipacon members have been sited in the Women in Business magazine, an ABWA national publication.

Personal and Professional Development

Tipacon Charter Chapter provides the opportunity to develop your skills in writing, public speaking, planning, organizing and leadership through the Women's Instructional Network (WIN) and monthly speakers and programs.  By serving as a committee member, a committee chair person, or as an officer of the chapter, you can learn and practice skills that will transfer to almost any career.